FTP logon issues on IIS 7 using Windows Server 2008 R2

Hi, I’m currently experiencing issues when trying to log on to an FTP server I created using Windows Server 2008 R2.

The FTP web site has Enabled both Anonymous and Basic Authentication.

On the Authotization Rules it has enabled Allow All Users and Anonymous Users with read permissions, and the local administrator with read and write.

Whenever I try to log on, either via IE or Command prompt, when asked for credentials, I get logon failures, either with anonymous or a username that has access permissions to the FTP root folder.

I tried changing the FTP application pool identity to Network Service, but still get the same error. I also have tried testing the connection from the basic settings section of the FTP Site, and when I test it using Application User (use pass-through authentication)
I get an error that says: ¨IIS Manager cannot verify whether the builtin account has access¨If I instead use a username and password, the test passes ok, however using this account to try to enter the FTP site I get logon failure, even when the account I´m
using is a local admin account.

The Server is part of an AD Domain.

I have read a few blogs and forums about problems with FTP validation but nothing related exactly to my issue.

Any ideas are deeply appreciated.


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