Ubuntu 14.04 Hostile to Boot from Windows Server Disc

Hopefully this is a good place for this question although it maybe could fit in the Installations and Upgrade general category.

I recently acquired a Dell PowerEdge 2900 for my own learning etc. I was going to have to wipe the current Windows Server installation out and rebuild it so I figured this would be a great time to just see what the Ubuntu server install process is like (I dual boot Ubuntu Desktop and Win7 on my laptop). I got it installed fine everything seemed great I poked around with a few commands and decided that I was ready to get back to my Windows Server.

I inserted my Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise disc into the drive and rebooted. When i was prompted I manually entered the BIOS boot options screen and selected to boot from the optical drive. It went to a blinking cursor and sat there for a bit like it was doing something but nothing ever happened. Then all of a sudden it kicked me into Grub and booted Ubuntu server. So I shutdown and tried again but this time I first checked the BIOS boot settings and found that the optical drive is set to boot before the HDD so I just let it run through the boot process and it just skipped right on past the optical drive like there was nothing there and went right into Grub and either went right into Ubuntu server or if I hit the up or down arrow fast enough it would let me select between Ubuntu server or some other options none of which allowed booting from the CD/DVD drive.

I thought maybe there was a problem with the disc so I took it out and plopped it into just a normal PC I had sitting next to me and tried booting the disc and it booted and loaded into the beginning of setup just fine so the disc works. I cant seem to get Grub or Ubuntu to allow me to boot from the CD/DVD drive, I haven’t tried to see if its hostile to the same Ubuntu disc i used to install or not.

I have seen multiple recommendations to restore the Windows boot loader but they almost all want you to start by booting a Windows disc which I cant do. I have dual booted desktops for years but this is the first time i have tried a *nux Server version. Does the server version do something different that I don’t know about? Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Windows 2008 VPS via Ubuntu 14.04 Hostile to Boot from Windows Server Disc.